The Austral Kings Camp

Despite the remote location of this wilderness camp, guests will be staying in two comfortable cabins with private bathrooms, flush toilets and heated water, comfortable beds and equipment storage. All meals will be prepared by a full time chef in the fixed camp kitchen and served in a large dining/lounge tent.

The meals are simply prepared with delicious, locally sourced ingredients, and they are accompanied by excellent Chilean red and white wine and refreshing local brands of cold beer. On the last evening, the camp usually prepare a delicious ‘Asado’ – the classic Patagonian barbeque of lamb or beef over an open fire, washed down with a delicious Chilean ‘tinto’.

The days are satisfyingly long, but there is plenty of time for rest and refreshment. Following a hearty lunch, guests are able to enjoy a much-needed siesta, often in warm sunshine, whilst after supper, the anglers often like to don a fleece and rove outside to sit round the fire and enjoy the astonishing southern starscape over a glass of brandy.

A full time camp manager will be around the guests to watch after their needs, and we have one professional guide for every two anglers in camp. Our guides will be using jet boats to access all the best pools on the river.