Flies for the kings

While the presentation of your fly can surely play a big part in your success with the kings it is questionable if the choice of fly has a lot to say – that is as long as you fish the right type of fly. Until now, we have had the most success with flies of 2-3 inches tied on tubes and fished Intruder-style, with a stinger hook like the Owner SSW in sizes 1-3/0. For colors chartreuse has produced well, with or without blue flash, and pink flies has also made the difference on some occasions.

When the river is very clear it can be worth having fishing smaller tube flies, like the Snaelda, and fishing them on longer leaders. This certainly made the difference on some occasions during our exploratory season.

We will most likely discover a few more effective flies during coming seasons but for now we are keeping it simple. Concentrate on fishing whatever is at the end of your leader and you will do well.