What to bring

Suggested Packing List for Austral Kings:

To fish:

Rods: One two-handed rod #9 or #10 and one back up; two-handed #8, #9 or #10

Reels: Two large arbor reels with at least 400 yards of 50-80 lbs backing

Lines: Skagit heads (floating and intermediate) with sinking tips in different sink rates. We suggest Sink 6, T-11, T-14 and T-17 to cover all fishing situations.

Leaders: Six tapered leaders, 35-45 lbs.

Tippet: Three spools of tippet: 30 lbs, 40 lbs and 50 lbs (0,38 mm, 0,43 mm and 0,48 mm)

Flies: Approximately two dozen of flies (see Flies for the Kings)

Misc.: A good pair of pliers, line clipper, fly line dresssing, small LED headlamp

To wear:

Two pairs of polarized sun glasses

One pair of breathable waders and wading boots (we recommend rubber soles; it’s mostly fairly easy wading)
NOTE: Please do not bring boots cleated with studs or spikes – they ruin our aluminium boats!

One breathable but waterproof wading jacket

Wading socks

Three long sleeved fishing shirts

Two sets of base layers

Fleece jackets or soft shells, insulated vest and/or jackets to adjust for comfort by dressing in layers

Two UV protected Buff facial sun protectors

Two caps or hats

Don’t forget:


Sun screen and lip balm

Toilietries – incl. band aids and athletic tape for line cuts, head ache pills, ear plugs and sleep aids

Good casting skills and a positive attitude